Based at both Te Puke Primary and Fairhaven Schools, Oscar Rockz provides childcare for the 5-13 years age group with programmes that are well supervised, structured, safe and enjoyable.

Oscar Rockz provides an environment where parents/caregivers are secure in the knowledge of adequate care for their children as well as equal opportunities for children regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, disability or family background.

The programmes will provide a safe, stimulating and varied programme, with activities that take into account the children's ages, interests, developmental levels and special needs. The programmes will include organised and self directed times, incorporating: Arts and crafts activity, games or sports activity, time for children to do homework, afternoon snacks, baking, free play, offsite excursions e.g. library, pools, beach etc. Parents will be notified of excursions in advance and are required to sign a consent form for the outing.

Please download the information and forms below to enrol your child in Oscar Rockz.